Ein Bild …

… sagt mehr als tausend Worte!

Nur was will dieses Bild sagen?

Übrigens: Ich dachte eigentlich weniger an ein „Was ist das?“-Ratespiel, sondern eher an „Was empfinde ich oder welche Gefühle / Stimmung löst dieses Bild bei mir / euch aus?“ 😉

Über Michael

Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß. (Sokrates) ... aber davon ganz schön viel!!! ;-)
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8 Antworten zu Ein Bild …

  1. miko schreibt:

    Das erinnert mich irgendwie an die Schatten, die unsere Pyramide zu Weihnachten an die Decke wirft.
    Wird aber vermutlich, wenn ich’s recht betrachte, diese lustige Lampe vom Schweden sein, hm? ^^

    Lieben Gruß,

  2. rabenhaus schreibt:

    Da schließe ich mich miko doch glatt an – es ist sicher das Schattenspiel dieser illuminierten Schneeflocke vom Möschwe…

    Frage: ist die nicht absolut staubwischresistent?

    Grüße zur Nacht

  3. Michael schreibt:

    Da könntet ihr recht haben, aber genau wissen tue ich es nicht, da das nicht unsere Lampe ist. 🙂
    Ich dachte eigentlich auch weniger an ein „Was ist das?“-Ratespiel, sondern eher an „Was empfinde ich oder welche Gefühle / Stimmung löst dieses Bild bei mir / euch aus?“ 🙂
    Das kann ja sehr, sehr unterschiedlich sein.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. ute42 schreibt:

    Für mich ist das zu duster, auch wenn ein hübsches Muster dabei ist. Ich mag helle und fröhliche Farben. Stimmung des Bildes für mich – bedrückt.

  5. Hello dear Mr Fox,

    Here I have come to visit with my helper (?) GRI. I have visited before to look only at your pictures, as Herr GRI is not always fair to me, and some days I am too cross with his tricks to allow him to accompany me on my travels. (Could you have guessed today, that he tried to tell me you have official permission to decorate your foot?)

    But let us leave him for now..

    I wish to say it was a pleasant surprise, and an honour to see that you have linked to my little blog: thank you.

    As for your picture and the feelings it inspires, I was relieved to see another of your readers comment that the picture was to her of a depressive feeling. I should think that I would be tempted, if left alone to look at an image such for a long time, that it would begin to represent many spiders coming to get me. Not a cheering prospect!

    Yes, I think I have enjoyed your pictures of colourful flowers better, and also that dear little one in your current post.


    • Michael schreibt:

      My dear Lady BB,

      I am truly honored to have you here as my guest in this little corner of the internetz. 🙂
      I am puzzled that you really take to the adventure to explore this strange language’d blog, even with (or should one say in spite of) the help of the ominous Google-RI!!!
      The more I hope you will find enough entertainment and things to smile at (over? about?) 😉

      The picture was taken on my way home from a „safari“ to take pictures for the „Zwölf2011“ monthly set. The window looked so friendly and almost cosy, that I was surprised how the mood changed when I looked at this one on my MacBook. There are others that seem not so changed, but still it is not the same as when taking them.
      I was curious, what other people would say …
      Thank you for your feedback. And as you will have surely noticed by now, almost all other pictures are quite more lighthearted.

      My greetings to you and your handsome Mr. BB (who must be a very proud man indeed, for having a wife, that is capable to sew him such a honorable outfit – despite the red stained monster Black Hawk mosquito blooded stockings! I envy him greatly!!!

      Your truly

      • Dear Michael,

        I have thought and thought, today, on how best to answer your puzzling.

        Perhaps I may tell you a little story? When I first started blogging, I found many differences in simple, everyday things between Australia and America.; unexpected little sayings and practices that caused confusion, and often amusement. Those differences lead to a parcel swap between a family in Minnesota, and our family here is Australia. After writing about that, I met Andrea, our Canadian/German friend, and swapped parcels with her family, too. 🙂

        There are many things about Germany that my family will know, that is, they have learned in a way that they will not forget, and learned in a way a school project could never have imparted to them. It was something I was very grateful for, to have a more pleasant idea of Germany, and to have an opportunity to meet people who were congenial.

        Concise is not my strength, but if I had to choose a thesis statement for the ideas I am trying to impart to you (some while trying to circumvent offence), it would be:

        I wish to see the humanity of Germany.

        To meet such souls as yourself and Andrea, is one way possible to achieve that.

        Google RI is a torment to me, so I may only indulge my whim when I am drawn particularly by a picture (as was the case on this post), as sometimes it is so far from helpful that I cannot comment with assurance that I have understood the writings. Andrea’s latest post is an example, in that GRI will give me enough of an idea of her thoughts to know that with such topics, even when both speak the same language, there is potential for misunderstandings.

        I am sorry for such a wordy response to a one sentence of wondering. 🙂

        If I have understood your family, it is of eight children? Very blessed, you are.


        • Michael schreibt:

          Dear Mrs. BB,

          there is absolutely no need to excuse for a long answer! On the contrary! I would by very happy if I would get more responses, that have more than one or two sentences. 🙂

          Yes, eight is the number and we truly are blessed, but on the other hand, it is a tough job and at times we are but at the end of all – our wisdom, patience, love and strength.

          Foot decoration: GRI misplaced the decoration on my foot, when it should have put it „on me“. 😉
          The doctor diagnosed, as a part of the cause of my pain, beginning arthrosis in the ankles of my foot, which I took as a permission to call myself a „elderly, rickety man“!
          And believe me: The way I feel, as I hobble my daily ways, is of an old man. I don’t even have a real good excuse – nothing broken, no sports-injury … just a part of me not doing its job and a few – ok more than a few – causes, but nothing really „acceptable“. Very strange!!!

          I will have to take a little bit of the blame, GRI has to take from you, on me. For I tend to express myself in this blog in a unusual, more funny or complex way, using words that are uncommon or made up or slightly miss-used. I think it would be very hard even for a real person to correctly translate it.
          But despite that, GRI is really good in mixing up even the simplest sentences to something totally different. Sometimes it is changing the meaning of a word in the text, but if it is to translate the single word, it is correct again. Very strange, 2nd.

          That is why I hope that your picture of the „humanity of Germany“ will not be to twisted too much by the side-effects of the GRI-experiance. 😉

          And since it is getting late here, I better stop now, before I screw the words more than GRI could do it if I wrote them in german. 😉

          All the best

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